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Man wearing protective clothing and gas mask

Read Up on AES’s Policies and Mission Statement

Our Policies

Associated Environmental Service’s intentions and defining characteristics are founded on five principles:

  1. To provide quality environmental services that produce a complete and proper result for our clients, utilizing the best practices delivered by our experienced, courteous personnel

  2. To function with integrity and to employ methods which are in compliance with existing environmental regulations and guidelines

  3. To embrace new technologies and develop improved methodologies with the object of providing enhanced service levels to our clients

  4. To employ practices which promote the safety of our employees and others

  5. To maintain flexibility of service delivery - in terms of cost, scope of project and timeliness of response

Mission Statement

AES’s Mission is to provide complete and effective solutions to our client’s contamination problems, delivered through exceptional performance by our employees, at a competitive price and in a manner that is responsive to the needs and wishes of the client.

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