Certified Mould Testing & Removal from AES in Manitoba

AES Mould Testing & Removal Services

Qualified – We are IICRC-certified. AES has accumulated nine years in mould testing and abatement services.

Assessing the Problem – AES will provide a site visit free of charge, and with customer approval, conduct air testing to establish the severity of the mould problem. Test results and recommendations are provided in a written report.

Remediation – Trained and experienced AES personnel eradicate the mould contamination effectively and safely using specialized equipment and procedures.

Contact AES for a free assessment visit and quotation.

Testing for Mould

AES technicians will perform air sampling procedures in the suspected contaminated areas to confirm the severity and the location of the mould problem. Samples are sent to an accredited laboratory for the conducting of the required analysis.

Test Results

After an approximate period of 10 days, AES will:

  • Provide a written report on the results of the mould analysis, and an opinion on the next steps to be carried out
  • As necessary and as authorized by the client, conduct a more extensive physical examination to confirm the precise location and the scope of the mould contamination
  • Make recommendations as to the remediation action required, and an estimate prepared indicating the work required and the cost

AES Remediation Services

Upon authorization from the client, experienced AES personnel will perform the remediation work using procedures and protocols accepted in the industry.

AES typically invoices for time and materials, including an equipment charge. We require a deposit prior to the start of the remediation project.

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